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Frequently Asked Questions
Contract Renewal
My HAP Contract is coming up for Renewal. What do I do?
My Renewal is coming up. What if I select the wrong Option?
How do I prepare for a contract renewal and rent adjustment?
How do I gain access to EIV?
Where can I find a copy of the EIV and YOU Brochure?
Where can I find a copy of the EIV User Manual?
Where can I find HUD training pages for EIV?
Where can I find the EIV main page?
What do we need to include in our Policies and Procedures?
How do I contact the EIV Helpdesk?
What EIV Reports do I need to run?
What are the document retention requirements?
Who needs to sign the Rules of Behavior form?
Where can I find the HUD training Videos?
What documents must be presented at an MOR?
Where can I find a copy of HUD Notice 13-06?
What are the annual EIV security training requirements?
HUD and HTFC/CGI Responsibilities
What is HUD responsible for processing?
What is HTFC/CGI responsible for processing?
Management and Occupancy
What EIV documents must be present at the MOR?
What will be an EIV related finding during an MOR?
What are acceptable forms of verification?
Where can I find the HUD Summary of Questions on Handbook 4350.3 REV1 document?
How do I prepare for the Management and Occupancy Review?
What address do I use on the HUD 9887 Form?
What documents do I need to retain in a tenant file?
What are my options to appeal a score on a Management and Occupancy Review?
Where can I find the HUD Handbook 4350.3 Summary for Owners?
Where can I find more guidance on the HUD Model lease?
How do I complete the HUD Model Lease?
Rent Adjustments
What are my options for a rent adjustment?
Do you have a checklist for a budget complete package?
Special Claims
Where can I find the HUD Special Claims Processing Guide?
Where can I find HUD's Special Claims FAQ?
What changes occurred on August 1, 2006 for Special Claims?
Utility Increases
What must be included in the Utility Analysis?
I am an owner. When am I required to submit a utility analysis?
Do all properties have to submit a utility analysis?
Where can I find more information about utility allowances?
What can I do to reduce the number of errors with my voucher submission?
When are my vouchers due every month and how much can I expect to get paid?
If I make a mistakeon the HAP request I have sent, can I resubmit it if the 10th of the month has not passed?
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