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What can I do to reduce the number of errors with my voucher submission?

Use TRACS and check your TRACS compliance %. Try to keep it as close to 100% as possible. Also view the responses sent to you upon receipt of your files.  This will enable you to correct any items prior to a draft being sent to you. Upon approval of your voucher review the responses sent to you by TRACS.  This will allow you to address issues for your prior month’s vouchers and any discrepancies for your MOR review.

Submitting your vouchers before the voucher deadline of the 10th of the month will allow us to provide  your draft reconciliation report earlier so you have time to correct issues noted before the voucher is submitted for payment. The closer to the 1st of the month the better. If you have questions regarding your draft reconciliation, contact the staff member assigned to your portfolio and work with them to reduce errors. Some errors may require you to contact your software vender. Our final reconciliation report will detail any balances remaining on the voucher. Attempt to correct these issues before submitting next month’s voucher.
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