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How do I prepare for the Management and Occupancy Review?


Before the review:

Read and understand the scheduling letter sent to you. If after reading the letter you have questions, call the Local Contract Specialist for clarification.

Read and understand the checklists that accompany the letter. One checklist requires you to complete several questions regarding the accessibility features of your property. This document must be completed in its entirety, dated and signed and be given to reviewers when they arrive.

The second is a list of documents the PBCA requests you have available on-site when the review team arrives. Having these organized and available will speed the review process. Many times owners/agents must get these documents from a central office. Please allow yourself enough time to gather these documents.

Notify your Local Contract Specialist if Tenant Files are kept off-site.

Prepare office space for the review team. Usually, this includes a desk, chairs, ample room to review documents, access to a copier and outlets to plug laptops into.

Notify residents that a review will be performed and units may be entered. This notice should go out to tenants at least 24 hours before the day of the review. Owners/agents should also give a copy of this letter to the reviewers when they arrive.

Notify your on-site staff of the date of the review and that reviewers may wish to speak with them.

Review the last MOR. Reviewers are responsible for following up on items from the last MOR. This means they may ask for documentation to support your previously submitted certifications that findings have been closed out. Collecting these ahead of time will speed up the review process.

Be Prompt. On the day of the review, owner/agent representatives should be on-site when reviewers arrive and all documentation should be ready for review.

During the Review you can expect the following:

An Entrance Conference-PBCA staff will introduce themselves, explain the review process, what they need and provide owners/agents with a list of files to be reviewed. They will also answer any questions you have.

Follow-up on previous MOR findings.

Follow-up on EH&S and other REAC findings from the last physical inspection conducted at your property.

A walk through of the property and interviews with your staff.

A Closeout Meeting - Reviewers will discuss issues/areas of non-compliance observed; detail the next step in the process; and request that you sign an Exit Conference Checklist. Reviewers are unable to discuss scores at this point because all issues must be reviewed, formally written and assessed for their impact on your operations.

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