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What is HUD responsible for processing?


HUD Responsibilities:

  • Management Certificates
  • Requests for changes in managing agents
  • Reserve for replacement requests
  • Residual Receipts requests
  • General Operating Reserve requests
  • Monthly Accounting Reports
  • Annual Financial Statements (submitting through the FASS System), including responses to findings
  • Transfer of Physical Asset package
  • Requests for Partial Releases of Security/Partial Payment of Claim
  • Requests for a Workout Agreement
  • Neighborhood Network Plans
  • NOFA Applications (i.e., Drug Elimination Safe Neighborhood Grant Service Coordinator and 202/811)
  • Monthly Vouchers on any funded NOFA Grant (i.e., DEG, SNG, Service Coor)
  • As a general rule, anything governed by the Regulatory Agreement, Mortgage, Mortgage Note or Use Agreement, is processed by the local HUD Office.

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