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System for Award Management (SAM) now LIVE!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

System for Award Management (SAM) now LIVE!

Two key points for Users registering DUNS numbers in the SAM system:


  • CCR no longer exists
  • SAM (System for Award Management) has replaced CCR


SAM went live on July 29, 2012. If you had an account in CCR, all your information is now in SAM -- but your CCR login info will not work in SAM. Unless you opted out of the public search, you should be able to see your record by logging into SAM at http://sam.gov and doing a public search on your DUNS.


Unless a change in your business circumstances requires a change in order for you to be paid, or to be awarded a contract or a grant, you should not have to update your records right away (check your expiration date). If you need to update/renew/change your record, start by going to http://sam.gov, click on Create an Account, and follow the prompts to create an individual account and migrate your records/roles from CCR. The attached migration roles document will tell you how to do so. Then, log in, click on Register/Update Entity, find your record in the Complete Registrations section and begin your update. The attached updating or renewing document provides instructions. This document and other help options are available on the Help tab of sam.gov.


Should you encounter any issues in the process, please submit a ticket via the SAM help desk, which is called the Federal Service Desk (FSD) (http://fsd.gov). It is recommended you do so online, rather than wait on the phone on hold. If you don't have an account with FSD already, you'll need to create one on the “Your Account” page in order to submit a ticket.


Please note that SAM is completely free of charge, both to register and to use.

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