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DUNS Number Now Required

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Owners Required to obtain DUNS numbers.......

Notice H 2011-01 was issued on January 5, 2011, providing the regulatory reporting requirements and guidance for legal entities receiving federal assistance.  Rental assistance payments made under Project-Based Section 8 or Section 202 or 811 Project Rental Assistance Contracts are covered under these requirements.  "Owners must obtain a DUNS number and have an active, valid registration in CCR within 60 days of the publication date of this Notice.  An owner’s failure to obtain a DUNS number and CCR registration within the timeframe allotted may result in the suspension of housing assistance payments or rental assistance payments. "  


The notice includes guidance for the following:


·         Background on Public Law 109-282, The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

·         Deadline for obtaining DUNS Numbers and Registration in CCR

·         Process for Obtaining a DUNS Number and Registration in CCR

·         Utilization of CCR and DUNS information



To read the entire notice, click on  Notice 11-1

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