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FASS and APPS News

Friday, March 01, 2013

FASS (Financial Assessment Subsystem) & APPS (Active Partners Performance System) News


  • Revised IG2000.04 Handbook    The Office of Inspector General revised the Consolidated Audit Guide IG2000.04, for owners with fiscal years ending 3/31/13 and thereafter and it is optional for owners with fiscal years ended 12/31/12. The FASSUB system has not yet been modified to comply with the new guide but we have created a workaround document that will allow auditors to prepare the audit under the new guidelines, but submit it using the existing FASSUB template. The REAC FASS-MF team are hoping to have a revised submissions template available later this year. Workaround document.
  • Accounting Requirement for Housing Notice H-2012-14 - Housing Notice H-2012-14 required certain owners to offset future Housing Assistance Payments with residual receipts. FAQ document suggests owners financial reporting methodology.


The issue of creating multiple submissions with the same TIN was resolved through a February 15th APPS release. Contact Devasia Karimpanal at 202-402-7682, if questions.


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