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Using the 2010 ADA Design Standards

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last month, HUD announced changes to accessibility requirements and standards. This notice states that owners of multifamily properties under HUD Assistance can meet their accessible design obligations under Section 504 by complying with the Justice Department's 2010 ADA standard for Accessible Design  

However, HUD has identified certain provisions in the 2010 Standards that provide less accessibility than is currently required by UFAS and/or HUD’s Section 504 regulation. As a result, HUD is not deeming use of those specific provisions of the 2010 Standards as a means of providing accessibility under Section 504 because HUD cannot decrease the level of accessibility currently required by its Section 504 regulation without engaging in notice and comment rulemaking. Those provisions are summarized in the Appendix of the notice. 
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