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COVID-19 HUD FAQ and Resources

Friday, March 27, 2020

HUD is maintaining an FAQ found here.  It is highly suggested to visit this page often as HUD has been making frequent updates to the FAQ. 


TRACS UPDATE: COVID-19 Impact on Tenant Annual & Interim Recertifications

A message has been posted to TRACS as it concerns recertifications and extenuating circumstances.


2. Impact on Tenant Annual & Interim Recertifications

Due to the coronavirus, if a tenant is unable or unwilling to come into the office to sign an annual re-certification (AR), the owner/agent may submit the AR to the TRACS (via the CA or directly to TRACS, as appropriate) using one of the following three (3) extenuating circumstances codes:

1 = Medical (medical staff have quarantined the tenant)

2 = Late annual certification due to accommodation or extenuating  circumstances.

10 = Other

Once the pandemic has passed, the owner/agent must obtain a signature from the tenant and submit a correction certification to TRACS.

If a tenant's income has been drastically reduced, it is recommended the owner/agent submit an interim certification (IR). The IR must comply with the HUD Occupancy Handbook 4350.3 and TRACS requirements.

Please reference HUD's website for additional COVID-19 information:


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