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Tenant Information Missing in EIV

Thursday, July 28, 2011

RHIIP Listserv Posting # 257                                                          


Attention Multifamily EIV Users


We have been made aware that some tenants are not appearing in EIV and we are researching this issue to discover the cause.  In the meantime, we ask that you take the following steps.  While completing a recertification, if you receive this message from the “By Head of Household” query, “A current form 50059 record was not found for Social Security Number: XX-XXX-1234”, please check the Identity Verification Report to determine if the tenant is listed.  If the tenant is listed, make the required corrections noted on the report and transmit the corrected form 50059 to TRACS.    


Print the “By Head of Household” report that reflects the message above and place it in the tenant file, ensuring that the date it was printed is on the page.    Continue your recertification by the traditional third party method.


Thank you for your patience.  We hope to have this issue resolved in the near future.



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