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HUD NY Bookletters

This page is a collection of HUD Bookletters issued from the HUD Buffalo Office and or HUD NYC Office. Please be advised the HUD Bookletters issued have specific contact information and may apply only to properties administered by the respective HUD Office.  If you have a question, please contact your Contract Specialist found on the Our Staff page.


HUD Bookletters


FY 2004

Bookletter #3 (Commercial Leases)


Bookletter #4 (Posting REAC Inspections)

 Bookletter_4_FY2004-Posting REAC Inspections & Relevant Material.pdf

FY 2005

Bookletter #6 (Request Withdrawal from RfR)

 Bookletter_6_FY05_Request for Withdrawal from RfR.pdf

FY 2006

Bookletter #1 (Preferences for Admitting Applicants)

 Bookletter_1_FY2006-Preferences for Admitting Applicants.pdf

Bookletter #6 (FAQ for Revised HUD 9834)

 Bookletter_6_FY2006-FAQ for Revised HUD 9834.pdf

Bookletter #7 (Implementation of EIV System)

 Bookletter_7_FY2006-Implementation of EIV System.pdf

Bookletter #8 (Energy Awareness)

 Bookletter_8_FY2006-Energy Awareness.pdf

FY 2007

Bookletter #1 (Post-Closing Project Reviews)

 Bookletter_1_FY2007-OAHP Post-Closing Project Reviews.pdf

Bookletter #3 (Energy Conservation)


Bookletter #4 (Tenant Rights)


Bookletter #6 (Participation Certificate Filing Instructions)


Bookletter #7 (HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV 1, Change 2)


FY 2008

Bookletter #3 (Reserve Fund for Replacement)


FY 2009

Bookletter #1 (Section 8 Income Limits)

 Section 8 Income Limits.pdf

FY 2010

Utility Allowance Analysis


FY 2011 

 Bookletter #1 (Management fee PUPM)

 Bookletter 1 FY11 Management Fees.pdf

FY 2015 

 Bookletter #1 (Management fee PUPM)

 Bookletter #1 (Management fee PUPM)

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