On May 25th HUD issued the following announcement:


As part of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act, HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs is happy to announce we will soon be offering free contractor support to assist with energy and water benchmarking services to HUD multifamily assisted housing properties through the upcoming HUD Energy and Water Benchmarking Initiative. Property owners who opt into this program when it becomes operational later this year will receive free, personalized support in assessing the efficiency of their buildings. An energy consultant will be assigned to each property to support the benchmarking process at every stage – from contacting utilities about accessing relevant data to providing portfolio-wide cost and energy savings recommendations based on energy and water usage. While the program is currently in the final stages of development, we are sending you this email now so you can begin to plan for this opportunity.


Participating in the HUD Energy and Water Benchmarking Initiative may provide owners with the following benefits:

  • Identifying the greatest opportunity for energy and water savings in your buildings. For instance, the two multifamily properties below, achieved significant cost savings by implementing energy saving measures at their properties: 
    • Colony Plaza, a 111 home multifamily property in downtown Excelsior Springs, MO, saved $20,595 per year in energy costs by implementing energy efficiency measures.
    • Court Tower Apartments, a 221 home multifamily property in Newark, New Jersey, saved $56,415 per year in energy costs by implementing energy efficiency measures.
  • Establishing eligibility or preparing you to make use of federal, state, and utility energy efficiency programs. Here are a few programs you might qualify for:
  • Supporting compliance with local ordinances as localities across the country are trending towards requiring this data from multifamily properties.

Multifamily Assisted Housing property owners may voluntarily choose to participate in this program when it is operationalized. 

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