The New York State Housing Trust Fund and its partner, CGI, offer training opportunities for owners and agents to attend. These formats include webinars and small-group, three-hour  workshops.


Next Session to be announced in August.

Past Sessions:
7/8/2020 & 7/9/2020:  Special Claims and MOR (EIV & Most Common Findings)

This training is offered virtually via webinar and there are limited phone lines available so, when possible, we ask that larger companies limit the number registrants and phone lines used.  Sessions are planned for the following date and times:

6/26/2019 Repayment Agreements and Purpose of the PBCA Call Center.

10/16 & 10/18 2018 Vouchering/ RCS/ Utility Analysis

We shared common error/issues and will also provide some best management practices that will aid you on these subject matter.

1/23/2018 & 1/25/2018:  MOR Common Findings
 This training covered the Most Common Findings that have occurred since June 2016 when MOR’s returned to the PBCA portfolio. We also shared information and provided some great tips on VAWA and Presidentially Declared Disasters (PDD).  

Click here to view the SLIDEDECK THAT WAS USED
During the four sessions, a number of questions were asked.  CLICK HERE for the FAQ