New York State, in partnership with New York City, has established a housing relocation program to help newly arrived families seeking asylum to relocate from the city’s shelter system to permanent housing in welcoming areas of the state. The program will pay up to one year’s rent and provide services to eligible families in Albany, Erie, Monroe, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.  The program is seeking your assistance in making affordable (generally, at or below fair market rate) rental units available.

Advantages of becoming a participating landlord:
•    Vacant units can be secured in advance of an eligible family occupying.
•    Reliable, on-time payment of rent is guaranteed for at least one year.
•    Landlord bonus - 15% of annual rent paid at time of lease signing.
•    Security deposit and first three months paid upfront.
•    $5,000 multiple dwelling bonus for landlord commitments of 5 or more units.
•    Landlord guarantee: should the landlord be forced to evict the tenant for non-payment of the tenant share of rent, the landlord will be reimbursed for losses accrued prior to the date of eviction for the first year of the lease.

Albany: Centro Civico – Rosa De La Cruz: 518-424-2084,      
Erie: Jericho Road – Darcy Kennedy-Ellis: 716-939-1408,
Monroe: Ibero-American Action League - Daisy Ruiz Marin: 585-256-8900 ext 170,                            
Suffolk: SEPA Mujer – Marisol Lucero: 631-980-2555,
Westchester: Neighbors Link - Luisa Granda: 914-666-3410,