Contact Center Posters


It is the responsibility of the property owner to display the following information in a location where it can easily be seen:
•    Signs enabling people to locate the Management Office
•    Emergency/After Hours telephone numbers
•    CA Information – Contact information for CGI including the phone number for the CGI Call Center and a TTY number.
•    For Inquiries that require additional assistance, you may contact the CGI Call Center. Additional information is available in the attachment.
Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 5:30pm, M-F

          Contact Numbers: 1-866-641-7901, TTY number: 1-800-662-1220, Fax: 518-218-7800

          Written Summaries: 3 Lear Jet Lane, Suite 205, Latham, NY 12110



For your convenience the PBCA Call Center flyer has been updated and translated into 12 additional languages.  Please note that it contains a fillable section for specific property contact information to be added. 


As a reminder, this information should be posted in at least one visible and accessible location in every building.


Click the link below for a .pdf version of the contact center poster that can be printed and posted.

Arabic Haitian Spanish
Bengali  Italian Urdu
Chinese  Korean Yiddish
English Polish  
French Russian