Addressing climate and environmental justice is at the core of HUD’s mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities. Environmental justice means ensuring equal protection from environmental and health hazards and providing equal and meaningful opportunity to participate in the decision-making process to achieve a healthy environment. Among the actions to empower communities to achieve climate resilience, facilitate economic opportunities, and eliminate health risks caused by environmental injustices, the HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes has issued the following funding opportunities:

Lead Hazard Reduction Grants

This program provides funds to state and local governments to help identify and control lead-based paint dangers in low-income households.  Also, these funds help communities fix and preserve low-income housing, improving communities and the health of children and families in these communities.  This NOFO includes over $4M in Healthy Homes supplemental funds which help communities address additional safety measures in homes.
Estimated Total Funding:  $469,655,877                                   Deadline:  August 19, 2024


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Healthy Homes Technical Studies

This program provides funds for research studies to improve knowledge of housing-related health and safety dangers and to improve or develop danger-related evaluation and control methods. 
Estimated Total Funding:  $5,700,000                                         Deadline:  August 6, 2024

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Lead Technical Studies

This program funds research studies to improve methods for detecting and controlling lead-based hazards in housing.  Its purpose is to improve knowledge of lead-based paint related health risks and to improve or develop evaluation and control methods.  
Estimated Total Funding:  $7,500,000                                       Deadline:  August 6, 2024

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Healthy Homes Weatherization Cooperation Demonstration

This program funds interventions in low-income households that are served by both the HUD Healthy Homes Production Grant Program and the Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program.  Its goal is to determine if coordination between them improves cost effectiveness and the safety and quality of homes.  
Estimated Total Funding:  $6,206,455                                       Deadline:  August 13, 2024

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Radon Testing and Mitigation

This program provides funds to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) for radon testing and, if applicable, mitigation in public housing units.  It also supports the development of a plan for future testing and mitigation as needed.
Estimated Total Funding:  $4,016,247                                       Deadline:  July 15, 2024

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